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Guangzhen Zhou's Bio
Born in China. Mr. Zhou is artist, writer, curator, and the council member of International Academy of Ceramics – representative of China, a guest professor of Shanghai Institute of Visual Art and Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts. Received MA from UMD and MFA from SJSU, California, Mr. Zhou has had four books published, titled American Ceramic Artists Today (1998), Chinese Ceramic Cultural Sites-A Traveler's Handbook (2004),  Carry on Clay Art on My Iron Shoulder (2010) and Appreciation and Collection of Modern and Contemporary Ceramic Art (2012). He was a curator or juror of many ceramic exhibitions, such as “Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition-Denver 2000 (NCECA)”, “Yixing International Ceramic Art Conference and Exhibition of 2001 and 2005”, “International Small Teapot Show and Competition at Saddleback College, California, (2004 to 2012)”, and “Beyond the Function—International Contemporary Teapot Exhibition” 2009 (NCECA), the Chinese Decorative Ceramic Art at Abu Dhabi 2013, “Beyond the Time and Space-Chinese Contemporary Ceramics” – IAC Dublin 2014, and One Humanity Beyond the Diversity – International Ceramic Art Exchange Documentary and Artworks Exhibition – in conjunction with NGO-UNESCO Rapprochement of Cultures-International Decade-Beijing Forum 2015.

Artist's Statement
I have been living in the both East and West and have been a witness to the environment transition and changes for the past half-century. I would like to use my art to explore my personal experiences, as commentary on social issues and the survival crisis of human beings. I would like my artwork to include a sense of humor and visual shock in some degree. In addition, I believe that as an artist should be talented for many things beyond the studio and to explore the unlimited field of art. 
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